We all know the thrill of riding. And we all know the hassle of cleaning our bikes. Not only do we have to clean the bike, but we also have to deal with all the mud, sand and gravel, that ends up on the lawn, on the ground or clogging up the drains from our driveway. The Nomezzmat allows riders to wash their bikes where they want, without leaving a mess. With the Nomezzmat you can wash your bike anywhere!

The Nomezzmat separates the sand and gravel from the water. The water runs out through the outlet hose, that can be placed in a drain or another suitable place. Sand and gravel stays in the solids collector. On the end of the outlet hose the water is led through an oil remover, that removes gasoline, oil and other lubricants from the outlet water.

When you are done washing your bike, sand and gravel is easily poured though the solids outlet into a bucket or a bag for controlled disposal.

The Nomezzmat is set up in minutes and is easily cleaned and packed. It can be used on any surface with a slight gradient. It is incredibly durable, very light weight and easy to store. With the Nomezzmat you can wash your bike anywhere!